Electrical Machine : Electrical Engineering


Electrical Machine : Electrical Engineering


A. We will give you one hour live session with our expert as your choice topic on the electrical machine. Please read the product description for more details.

20$ per hour for Live Session

B. We can solve your assignment as well as quick assignment or assessment for the electrical machine, you need to pay 40$ per hour for the assignment and quick assignment or assessment. Once you make the payment, 20$ will be consider as the advanced amount for the assignment and quick assignment or assesment. Our team will reach out to you for further payment. We need complete advanced payment just before the assignment and quick assignment or assessment.

40$ per hour for assignment and quick assignment or assessment

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The class will be by our experts and we are regularly review our inhouse expert so that we can give the best quality to our student.

Electrical Machine: Electrical Engineering:

we will covered all the syllabus as per the mentioned below in electrical machine course:

1) Single phase transformer:
2) equivalent circuit, phasor diagram,
3) open circuit and short circuit tests,
4) regulation and efficiency;
5) Three phase transformers: connections,
6) parallel operation;

7) Auto‐transformer,
8) Electromechanical energy conversion principles,
9) DC machines: separately excited,
10) series and shunt,
11) motoring and generating mode of operation and their characteristics,
12) starting and speed control of dc motors;
13) Three phase induction motors: principle of operation,
14) types, performance, torque-speed characteristics,
14) no-load and blocked rotor tests,
15) equivalent circuit,
16) starting and speed control;
17) Operating principle of single phase induction motors;
18) Synchronous machines: cylindrical
19) salient pole machines, performance,
20) regulation and parallel operation of generators,
21) starting of synchronous motor,
22) characteristics;
23) Types of losses and efficiency calculations of electric machines.

We will give you one hour session as per your choice topic( U have to mentioned the number(i.e which topic you want to learn in the class) in the note)

1) U mentioned 5, we will cover 13 number topic i.e 13) Three phase induction motors: principle of operation,
for each hour session fees will be 20$ per hour.

For complete course, fees will be: 350$


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